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Running a business is hard, so don't do it alone.

Those who end up growing fast are the ones who have the right connections. Social & Human Capital is King! We created Accelerating CEOs, because we knew how much value High Earning CEOs would get from meeting, connecting, and helping one another.

Accelerating CEOs Mach-1 Mastermind is not designed for every CEO , just High Achievers. We ONLY accept CEOs who: 1.Gross 200K or more annually 2.Have at least two employees. 3. Enjoy sharing their knowledge. 4.Want to Increase Revenue.

We meet EVERY 1st Tuesday of the Month and have a 24/7 Private Collaboration Group ONLY members have access to!

We share strategies to skyrocket revenue, expand our reach, improve leadership skills, reduce wasted time, increase revenue, enhance staff, find new opportunities, and much more.

Here are a few Mach-1 Mastermind Members

  • GrowthBank
    Richard Walsh
  • Premier Group CPA Firm
    Joye Sistrunk, CPA
    Premier Group CPA Firm
  • Winstead Law Group
    Beverly Winstead, Esq.
    Winstead Law Group
  • Productivity & Performance
    Michael Yeung
    Productivity & Performance
  • Bold Vision Enterprise
    Brent Simpson
    Bold Vision Enterprise
  • Lift Financial
    Donna Connor
    Lift Financial
  • The Iconic CEO
    Carlos Adell
    The Iconic CEO
  • Foster Memories
    Elbert Foster
    Foster Memories

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